move - functional
Research impressions

Current projects

At the moment there are no projects investigated within move-functional. Christian Maurer-Grubinger is affiliated with the Goethe University of Frankfurt as a guest scientist.

Past projects

Muscle coherence

The purpose of this study was to compare the correlation and coherence of EMG-currents within and between proximal and distal compartments of the medial gastrocnemius muscle, which reflect underling synchronization of motor units. This study shows that it is essential to measure monopolar signals and use non-isometric contractions to observe synchronization of the EMG-signals.

Publication - Frontiers in Physiology

Gait patterns

The aim of this study was to quantify the step-to-step variability (SSV) in speed-variant and speed-invariant movement components of the whole-body gait pattern during running. These separate aspects of variability can be used to gain insight into the neuromuscular control strategies that are engaged during running. An interpretation of the SSV based on minimal intervention theory suggests that speed-variant movements are more tightly controlled, as evidenced by a lower degree of variability compared to the speed-invariant movements.

Publication - Physiological Reports

Running characteristics

speed: 1.94444 - fre: 1.28352 - 1.51185
speed: 1.97222 - fre: 1.26241 - 3.24674
speed: 2.11111 - fre: 1.34796 - 2.91329
speed: 2.16667 - fre: 1.24151 - 1.74097
speed: 2.16667 - fre: 1.31475 - 1.65272